About me. 

Hi I’m Katelin from Katelin Rose Eichner Design. I am a Creative with a Bachelor Degree in Communication Design from Monash University (Currently studying Honours in Communication Design).

I love to think big and outside of the box. I love to really push my ideas to a point where they are conceptual and creative before bringing them back down to earth to be applied to design applications. I love to do the unexpected, to push myself to work hard and achieve my best. And sometimes I just stick to the grid; nothing wrong with a little Swiss grid system.

I take every design project as its own entity. Sure, I put my own spin on things but I never let my personal style soley dictate a design direction.

Please feel free to look me up on any social media!

email: katelin.eichner@outlook.com
instagram: @katelinrosedesign
linkedin: katelin eichner

2019 Illustrator for Esperanto Melbourne Edition

Monash University Design Honours

2018 Monash University Bachelor of Communication Design Graduate

2018 AGDA Design Awards ‘Design Live’ Student Designer

2018 Monash University Student Ambassador

2018 Intern at O-I Glass Australia and Voice Brand Agency (Collaborative Project with O-I Glass, Voice Brand Agency and Monash University)

2018 Memo Review Finalist

2018 O-I Glass Bottle Design Finalist

2017 Finalist for Editor of Esperanto Magazine

katelin rose eichner design.                                                                                                                                                            

email: katelin.eichner@outlook.com
instagram: @katelinrosedesign
linkedin: katelin eichner