That’s Tense.

That’s Tense is a playful approach on a workshop intended to surface the tensions between design and marketing while creating together. The container of the target audience has been used in consideration of the activities within the game. The target audience is a major similarity between design and marketing; creating a familiar situation for both disciplines to work within. Ideally, this game is played by a designer and a marketer to start to surface the tensions and start a conversations around how conversations and understandings can change.

The game is a place to create fun, tension and provide a chance to open the mind to receptive learning in order to start a shift in knowledge across design and marketing.

The game is simple; create tension. Two (2) players will be opposing sides and together you will create, making the environment tense to work within. The objective of the game is to create tension and start conversations around how and why the tension is caused. Designers and marketers work together to create and this game is a simulation of the sometimes tense environments that they work within.

Start with a profile card. Each player gets one. The profile cards list the name and age of the persona you are going to take on as well as where they work, their major skill and a fun fact about them. To spice up things you also will have a pitfall which is something which will help create further tension in the game. You have to take on the persona fully, making sure you use all elements of the profile card to help with design and marketing decisions. Forget being considerate of all in the game, just be your persona and see if the tension becomes creative or if it bubbles over and the design fails as a consequence.

From here pick a game card which will show you what you are making. From here use the workbook to plan, edit and create the final design together.

Use the provided supplies plus your endless creativity to come up with the best response to your game card.

When you are finished follow along with the question card and see if you created the best design, the best tension and how you would change things in the future.

March-November 2019
Text:  That’s Tense
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