Suite 1 No in G Major for Solo Cello BWV 1007: Prelude; Bach.s

Here’s the inspiration.

Suite No 1 in G Major for Solo Cello BWV 1007 Prelude is a redesign of an album cover, record sleeve, spotify icon and gif in response to the “Sounding Type” brief. The brief called for a visual representation of type, not just using type to write the words. Because the song itself is on the Cello that was the initial inspiration for the imagery used. I wanted to incorporate the movement in a cello when it is being played but also incorporate the sound of the music and the flowing body movements in a Cellist.Through a process of exploration into single line drawings I came up for a process of using the letters in Bach to spell out the Cello. The letters were drawn in the order the name is spelt and called for many drawings over and over in the repetitious pattern to find the perfect one which had been pushed far enough from being just letter forms into creating a moving single line drawing.

Because this song is classical I did not want to push the music into an ultra modern cover which used colour but I did want to steer away from the usual portrait imagery or landscape painting. I decided to keep the cover black and white and work with embossing the logo into the covers of the sleeve to bring a modern take which allowed for the cover to still remain simple and elegant. The initial text on the covers was printed and hand embossed before being folded into the final form.

The actual CD and Record themselves were left black and white to remain as a second thought to the cover sleeve. The CD booklet used all the other initial single line drawings in it to accompany the text inside.

April 2017
Text:  Suite No 1 in G Major for Solo Cello BWV 1007: Prelude; Bach
Image: CD booklet and cover 120mm x 120mm;
Record Sleeve 314mm x 314mm 

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