Memo Review.

Memo Review will publish weekly reviews each Saturday.

Memo Review is an online publication dedicated to accessible reviews of a broad variety of art exhibitions at public art museums, commercial galleries and smaller artist-run spaces in Melbourne. Written largely by art history post-graduates of Melbourne and Monash Universities, Memo Review will offer a variety of new critical perspectives from an up-and-coming younger generation of Australian art scholars.

The brief asked to design a printed publication with contents and layout for all 52 weekly articles from the website; creating a cohesive layout experience across all the weeks. The publication could be A4 of A5 in size but needed to be black and white in final print. I used scaled up crops of the images as headers on the page to create initial impact. The first paragraph of text was in a medium weight to create hierarchy and impact and the body was in a light weight. Line indents were used to break up the paragraphs rather than hard returns.

The final print was then given to the team to pick a publication layout which they liked and a final was chosen.

I was a finalist in this project.

April 2018
Text:  Memo Review
Image: 210mm x 297 mm black and white; 120gsm matte

katelin rose eichner design.                                                                                                                                                            

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