Bon Appetit.

Initially when presented with this brief I automatically wanted to produce a food themed magazine based of the website Bon Appetit. I am a fanatic Frankie Press reader and their style is something that inspires me.

I entitled this magazine Bon Appetit: The Generation Z Takeover. I wanted to create a publication which was a fun millennial take on the typical foodie magazine which features recipes, funny stories and helpful tips for the millennial foodie. All articles and images were sources from the website and the layout was applied to provide consistency in the content which spanned from across all areas of the website.

Short sheet pages were used to break out important areas of information and add a block of solid colour to draw in the eye.

The stock is thick and matte and the articles use negative space to help fill the page. When creating my grid I decided to go with an 8 column grid and 4 rows at the top of the page to help create a consistent layout throughout the pages when using top imagery. I loved the articles Bon Appetit had available on their website so the articles I thought were witty. I tried to present them in a new fun way which matched their wit. Because there was so much content I was using the grid to keep everything tight and conformed to it but when I found negative space it looked blank and out of place; unlike Frankie. I had to play around, using the photography to inspire my type layout and focus on creating negative space through a lesser point size. This created a fun layout which bounced around on the page through its created hierarchy while still following the grid. My final design is a more playful take on a food magazine which still looks polished and professional.

May 2017
Text:  Bon Appetit
Image: 210mm x 297 mm; 160gsm matte

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